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How to Discover a New Music Talent?

Fame and fortune has become one of the most popular concepts of the twenty first century; so far. People are eager to do almost anything to become famous and have their chance to earn huge amounts of money; they generally believe that this money will make them happy.

This can make it difficult to know the right way to discover a new music talent; there are simply too many people eager to try; even if they do not have the necessary skill level. Fortunately there are many excellent new music talents waiting to be discovered.

The following tips will help you to discover a new music talent:

Use an App

The internet has made it much easier to connect with people all over the world. Whilst this makes it theoretically possible to discover a new music talent on a popular social media platform; this is not as likely as you think. Instead, you can download a variety of apps; such as TuneGlue or Bloson which will showcase the latest music talents. These will generally be up and coming artists who have yet to sign with a music label.

Local Sounds

Every top talent must come from somewhere! Most budding artists have done their time in small clubs and concert halls; usually before the main act. By visiting these places you will get a glimpse of the next generation of music. Any one of these acts could be a new music talent!

The best way to see some of these acts is by going to concerts of groups you enjoy which are already popular. The warm-up acts will have big names of the future. However, you can also discover a new music talent simply by visiting your local clubs; any that promote free mic nights will have a range of acts; some of which might actually be good!

Live Shows

There is now an abundance of live reality shows which allow people to showcase their talents; whether they are good or not is a whole other matter. However, by watching these shows you are likely to discover a new music talent; you will be able to support them in the show and follow their progress afterwards!

These types of shows are also a good way of getting yourself discovered. After all, it is possible that you are the next music talent and someone is waiting to discover you!

Getting Discovered.

If you do have a passion for music and feel you could be a great talent which has not yet been discovered there are a number of things you can do to help others find you.

  • Practice – you may only have one opportunity to shine; it is important that you can provide your best musical performance on cue. Practice in front of the mirror, film yourself and even perform for small groups of friends and family. Once you know you have this mastered you can tackle the club scene where you may be spotted.
  • Keep it up to date – for someone to discover you as the new music talent you need to be putting your best out every time. Your image must always be professional and your social media account should be up to date. Whilst a back list of your songs is great, anyone viewing your profiles should be able to see that you are generating new output all the time. This is the sign of someone who is hungry for success and something that talent scouts look out for.
  • Release your material! – Even if you have not been signed up yet you can release material to the independent channels. If they think it is good enough they will give it air time and you will start to pick up a following. Whilst this may not be enough to get the attention of the big music labels it will help others to hear of you. It is surprising how quickly your reputation can grow through this type of avenue.


Whether you are looking to discover a new music talent or hopping to be discovered, there is always something you can do to help you fulfill your dreams. Very few artists make it by themselves; it is essential to be ready to show what you are capable of and what you want. People will respond to this and respect you; helping you to achieve what you want in the process.